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I've really missed "y'all",lol!! I'm in Atlanta and loving it. I get made fun of on a daily basis for my "northern accent" and the fact that I say "pop" for soda, lol but other than that, it's wonderful!! My husband got his job too!! We are now both at&t employees, so everyone pay their bills, lol!!
Anyways in response to the thread. Has anyone ever heard of teens taking the baby home with the computer chip in it? Sarah did it right before we moved. She had it for the whole weekend. She had to wear a bracelet that detected the baby being near by. It cried every three hours round the clock. She had to take it with her everywhere (so of course we went shopping and to the movies and anyplace I could think of) She toted it around in a baby carrier and had to buckle it properly in the car and everything. Well, I think she had her fill. After not sleeping for 3 nights and still having to go about her day, I think she got a good look at what it would be like.
Well, back to studying for the new job, bye everyone, It was great visiting again

Posted on Jun 24, 2008, 5:48 PM
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