order of orphan replacements

by Julie Stevens (no login)

Sarah Jessica Parker was never the Swing orphan. She came in as July and understudy to Annie and replaced Shelley Bruce as Annie.

Kathy Jo came in as July to replace Janine Ruane. Kim Fedena came in as the Swing (I'm guessing she was the first Swing after the show opened) and then replaced Shelley Bruce as Kate when Shelley became Annie. That's also when Kathy Jo left to play Annie in the 1st National Tour and Sarah Jessica Parker came in to replace her as July.

While Shelley was Annie, Jennine Babo came in to replace Danielle Brisebois as Molly, Kim Fedena moved into the role of Tessie when Diana Barrows left, Jenn Thompson took over as Pepper when Robyn Finn left, Sarah Jessica was still playing July, Randall Brooks took over for Donna Graham as Duffy, Karen Schleifer became Kate, Joy Merri took over for Kim Fedena as the Swing.

This is where it gets a bit fuzzy for me - Karen, can you help??

At some point while Shelley was Annie, Penny Chaney replaced Joy Merri as the Swing orphan. When Sarah became Annie, Jodi Ford replaced her as July, Jenn Thompson left and Penny Chaney replaced her as Pepper. Laura Kerr came in as the new Swing. When Kim Fedena left, Tiffany Blake replaced her as Tessie and Stacey Brass came in to replace Randall as Duffy. I'm not sure when this photo from the UCP telethon was taken, but it kind of confuses me since Jenn Thompson is still there.


but Penny's playing Pepper in this photo:


I believe the big cast change came right at this time. The new group of orphans were:

Allison Smith as Annie
Jennine Babo still as Molly
Tiffany Blake as Tessie
Stacey Brass as Duffy
Caroline Daly as Pepper
Tara Kennedy as Kate
Martha Byrne as July

If you watch clips from the Prime Time Saturday special that is on the video page on this website and also featured in "Life After Tomorrow," you may recognize Allison Smith, Tiffany Blake and Martha Byrne all at that audition and all in the running to replace Sarah as the next Broadway Annie.


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