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Hi Cindy,

It was my pleasure. I have a lot of foreign soundtracks but I don't know much about most of the casts. The Dutch 2005 cast is the exception. I've spent ages finding out as much as I could about that show and it was a pleasure to pass it on.

I think the two 'Story of...' videos on YouTube are wonderful. I keep asking the videos' owner to post Part 3, as I'm desperate to find out "all about Annie's farewell" but, so far, he hasn't done.

Did you visit the forum? I hope you were able to find your way around. It was strange trying to describe it. I love the group pictures as the girls look so happy and the finale of the auditions, which is on the end of the first 'Story of...' video is my favourite performance of Tomorrow ever, in any language.

If you visit the video section of and look under 'Other', you'll find four more videos from the Dutch Annie auditions.

Watch video 4 first. It was taken during the second round of the initial auditions in 2005. Then watch video 3, which shows the girls being told which part they'll be playing. The producer Albert Verlinde says "You all know that you are all appearing in the musical, but no one knows which role they're playing. Then he explains how they should come forwards and line up when called. After casting the orphans, Albert says "There's one group of girls left. That means that they are going to play Annie!"
It is such a great sight as each girl is called.

Skip video 2 and watch video 1 next. It shows the girls getting dressed for the finale of the auditions and the finale itself. They are all so happy when they put on the Annie wig for the first time and practise their bows in the mirror:)It's delightful to watch.

Video 2 was done much later, after the 2005/6 tour, before the show reopened at Efteling Theatre. The cast took a few weeks off so the girls could re-rehearse and get used to their new groups. Also, many of the orphans needed to practise as they had changed roles. Most Mollys became Kate, Kates became Tessies and so on. Video 2 shows the two PodiumRakkers Annies- Esmee and Marieke at one of their rehearsal days.


Are you going to buy the Dutch cast album? I can't recommend it highly enough. Do let me know what you think of it if you do.

What do you think of the 24-shows-per-year allowance? The producers were very strict on the cast in that sense but, do you know, they did a very nice thing for one girl at the Efteling Theatre?

One of the 10 Annies, Cheyenne Krijgsman, went to the initial auditions with her little sister, Cherida, but Cherida was cut in the final round of auditions. A year and a half later, when the show moved to the Efteling Theatre, the producers needed one more Molly. Cherida's dream role was Molly and she'd learned the script from Cheyenne, despite not being successful, so they gave her the part! During the Efteling run of the show, she was Molly in the group, Efteling Toppers, alongside her big sister, playing Annie.

This is a YouTube video from the Efteling Toppers' last performance in Annie, three days before the show ended. I think it's so cute.

Daddy Warbucks (Edwin Rutten) tells the audience that it is the group's last performance then gets on his knees and starts singing Tomorrow to Cheyenne. Soon after the song starts, Cherida, who's kneeling on the stage, starts to cry and wipes her face with her hand. According to fan I know, who was there, she got really upset. Edwin gets up and Cheyenne moves forwards, bending down to comfort her. When the other girls see this, they get up and all form a line (except for Pepper as it wasn't her last show) so they're all waving, holding hands, when the curtain falls. There's some other 'last performance of..' videos on there and they were the only group who did that.

Here are two other cute Efteling Toppers videos.

They were very close to Edwin Rutten and when he appeared on a Dutch TV show, they recorded a message for him. After it, Edwin tells the presenter that Cheyenne is the only Annie who calls him 'Papa Edwin-itje' and, if you listen closely,you'll hear her call him that in the video: he laughs.

When the camera pans off the presenter onto the Efteling Toppers waiting to perform, Cheyenne lookd down at her sister and smiles. Their performance together is so cute and Cheyenne's Tomorrow is amazing. The crowd join in and I love her smile.


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