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But she broke the set playing her prank! I don't think that is funny and although I'm an Andrea fan, I'm glad she was written up for her pranks. Although, it does seem that she got away with quite a bit while she was Annie.

I admit, I wonder if that drugged story is true? I heard Andrea tell a very different story and I also have that story in some articles. The story is that there was a gag you could buy, it was a stink-in-a-can type of thing. Once you opened it, watch out! Andrea said she bought some and put it on the pillows and that is how they all got sick. She was a kid when she told that story.

Did she add some embellishment as an adult? I can imagine she found the drug and only later figured out what it was. But maybe she combined the two stories. I don't know. Just a hunch.

Anyway, there is an article here on Julie's site (that I contributed) that talks about the orphan kids and their pranks. Moose was the stage manager and it seems he did not tolerate pranks at all. Stephanie Wolf, I think it was, tripped on her shoelace during the performance which made all the kids laugh. Stephanie was pulled from the curtain call.

Obviously, that wasn't a prank but it shows that they weren't tolerating any goofing off. I actually think it was unfair to pull her from the curtain call when the other kids are the ones who laughed but I do understand they were trying to avoid the encouragement of silliness on stage.

During a rehearsal for We'd Like to Thank You... the kids would jump in and sing/dance along with the adults. That, too, was not tolerated and the kids in the cast (Dara Brown, Kristin Willams, Dana Tapper, Shelle Monahan, Stephanie Wolf and Alyson Mord) were disciplined for it.

If you read Making it on Broadway there are several stories of adult cast members playing 'hide the prop' and other such games to make it more interesting (for them). I can understand that playing the same ensemble role for five years gets boring but...I don't agree that goofing off onstage is acceptable.

And Alexis' story wasn't a prank but simply the accident of a little kid. That is why it's funny (to me, anyway).

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