Boredom on stage

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I read "Making it on Broadway" and was annoyed with the attitude of Andrea as well as many other actors, many of whom coincidentally were Les Mis veterans. People spend years and years aspiring for Broadway and only a teeny, tiny small itty bitty fraction of those who endeavor succeed in getting a Broadway part at all. If you see anything about auditions, hundreds of people all similarly talented and of the same typecast, all audition for a handful of parts. To get a major role... God that is like winning the lottery. These people seemed to take it so for granted and were so jaded. I don't understand.. what did you work so hard to be an actor for? If it's soooo bad and boring and repetitive and so on and so forth, leave it... go do something else. Take a sabbatical, go back to school. Plenty of other people would kill to be in your place and would be a whole lot more passionate.
I saw an interview with a woman (I don't know who or which production she was in) playing Madame T in Les Mis for something like 10 years literally. She expressed how grateful she was to play the part in such a great show and to get to play it for so long, and mentioned that she always tries to keep it fresh and new- like it is the first time she is playing it; she constantly tries to find new nuances or things to add. That is the attitude I would expect someone in a major Broadway production might have.. and I really admired her for it. Instead of throwing M&M's around on stage (Andrea said in that book that the castmembers threw M&M's at each other around the barricade during performances), she put her heart into her performance. Bravo!

People are paying now $120 + for an average orchestra seat.. they deserve the actors' 100% efforts.

I saw Les Mis something like 25 times on Broadway. The first time I saw it was just unbelievably mezemerizing and awesome.. I was blown away every moment and from the actors and their voices, and I fell in love with theater because of it. By the end of its run, I felt its staleness and the magic seemed to have sadly faded. I could see phoned in performances and could feel the boredom coming from the stage. Sad to know that the actors were throwing M&M's around instead of putting a drop more effort into making it the beautiful, heart stopping, amazing work of art it once was.

Andrea, when she talks of her pranks in Annie, sounds like a spoiled brat who thought she could do whatever she wanted because she was the star. It might not have been that way, but it is the tone that comes accross to me.

Posted on Jul 6, 2008, 9:17 PM
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