Boredom on stage

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"I saw an interview with a woman (I don't know who or which production she was in) playing Madame T in Les Mis for something like 10 years literally. She expressed how grateful she was to play the part in such a great show and to get to play it for so long, and mentioned that she always tries to keep it fresh and new- like it is the first time she is playing it; she constantly tries to find new nuances or things to add. That is the attitude I would expect someone in a major Broadway production might have.. and I really admired her for it."

I, too, find it more admirable when an actor/actress in a long-running show finds different ways to approach the role - no matter how large or small the role. I applaud this woman.

I agree that Andrea (and others) come across as unprofessional and somewhat bratty. Pranks backstage are one thing but on stage...not cool. As you said, not when we're paying over 100 bucks for a ticket.

Posted on Jul 7, 2008, 2:50 PM
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