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It's Hannigan's line to the orphans when she caught them goofing off.

Of course Andrea was paid to do a job as a child, and she did it...better than most and well enough to earn a Tony nomination. While it is true that child performers in 1977 were probably not treated as "little adults" like today's DDs, there is absolutely no question whatsoever that Andrea has acted professionally during her entire career. Your goofy statement that she does not take her work seriously (based on a handful of incidents relayed mostly by Andrea herself) belies both a familiarity with Andrea's career, as well as common sense.

You make a judgment about a 30+ year career, not on comments from colleagues and audience members, but rather from less than 5 incidents, most occurring while a young teenager. These incidents involved slime, m&m's (which sounded more like an accident than a prank), and some unknown smelly substance located in a dressing room. From this you conclude that she cannot be "professional." No one was starting fires here. No bombs were set off. No one was pushed down the stairs, or thrown from a catwalk. They were infrequent, small, harmless pranks pulled on coworkers and friends. To compare this with poisoning a subway car full of strangers is, with all due respect, a stupid analogy.

To insinuate that Andrea has gotten by purely on talent despite 30 years of goofing off and terrorizing her colleagues (while sharing no appreciation for the many varied projects she has been involved in) is grossly unfair to Andrea and seemingly very inaccurate.

Posted on Jul 8, 2008, 10:22 PM
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