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Colleen, you were right about that theatre! It's gorgeous! I had never been in there before but they run a very classy establishment over there!

I'm so overtired, I'm trying to remember enough details about the show for all of you. She sang some old hits combined with some new ones. She is constantly revising the act, playing with what works, etc. so it's different every time. Of her standards, she did "I Dreamed a Dream," "NYC" (a great new arrangement with the opening chords of "New York, New York" intertwined), "Over the Rainbow," "Zing! With the Strings," "Everybody Says Don't," "You Could Drive a Person Crazy," "The Trolley Song," "Superstar" (the Karen Carpenter song) and, of course, "Tomorrow." She added some new Broadway tunes like "Some People" and "Married" as well as some pop stuff like Billy Joel's "Angry Man" and an inspirational ballad that I unfortunately don't know the title to. Alexis did not perform as she is home rehearsing her parts for the Rosie cruise, which departs from NYC tomorrow. I'm not sure what is on the docket for entertainment this year but I believe they're doing a gender-reversed "Chicago." Andrea's brother Michael was there though and he sang "Please Celebrate Me Home" (an old standard but it's now more known as the farewell song from this past season's "American Idol"). The concert had special importance to us because it was Princess's 22nd birthday this week and Andrea told the audience all about how she knows Princess and sang "Happy Birthday."

Who's playing tonight?:

Here's one pic Princess snapped of Andrea singing but the room was not lit well for photography and we figured the flash was rude so this is what we got:

The three of us at our table (poor Prin's boyfriend was the photog for most of the night!):

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