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Hi Everyone,

I thought it was getting a bit hectic around the Dutch Annie posts and decided to post here instead. Although I'm from the UK, this production is my favourite by far and I've looked into it in some detail.

Read these old forum posts of mine (in order) for an overview of what happened.



The forum I link to and describe is basically the tour website- there isn't a proper website or booking page now the tour is over. It explains really well how the unusual group system worked, 10 groups, later reduced to 6, as the girls' show allowance was so small.

The videos you all linked to feature different groups and some are from the 2005/6 tour and some the 2006/7 run at Efteling Theatre, after the groups had been reduced.

Julie's most recent post 'More Dutch Videos' features two of the original 10 groups doing TV appearances, one group using shortened versions of the songs, one not. Another similar one, from later when there were 6 groups, is here, featuring my favourite Annie, Cheyenne.


French Girls' 'My Favourites' are an appearance by one Annie, but when that's from it's impossible to tell and a video of the entire reduced cast 2006/7, appearing on a Dutch music awards show.

The first video Julie posted, to ask about the location, is very interesting as whoever made it, made a mistake with it. The photos are a medley from a performance of one of the original 10 groups (Albert's Angels with Jennifer Welts) but the version of Tomorrow which is playing is from a totally different Dutch cast- the cast of the 1997 production 10 years earlier.

Another medley from the 2005/7 version, this time with the right soundtrack can be found here:


It shows footage from the premiere of the show, featuring Robin Virgine, who was lucky enough to play Annie on opening night, with her orphan group, Gesellige Donders.

Robin also played Annie in the very last show, with her Efteling group, De Anniemals, none of whom, ironically, she performed with in the very first show. At the end of the show, all of the other Efteling orphans and the other 5 Annies, who had done their last shows a few days before, came on stage for the curtain.



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