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by Eliza (no login)


Against my better judgment, I find this totally intriguing. Normally, I scoff at people who start talking about making the AI finals before even a preliminary audition, mainly because those are the same people who are quite talented yet don't get past the first round because AI is not a talent competition.

However, Joanna WOULD make a great "story" for AI, and I could see them liking the potential for her as a character. (Otoh, I could also see it going the other way and their being afraid it will look too much like a set-up, since they like to pretend that everyone's totally unknown). If she did make it to a voting round, though, I could see her having immense staying power, as everyone who saw the Macy's special and then was pissed when she got fired will vote to avenge that wrong.

Heck, her singing some AI-santized victory single couldn't be worse than the songs with which that label was saddling her. But, it seems she has had so many build-ups and disappointments in her career. As intrigued as I am, I hope she's not just setting herself up for disappointment by announcing what is (unless she's a ringer and is already cast), ultimately, a long shot.

Posted on Jul 14, 2008, 12:54 PM
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