I think I've got it...

by Alex (no login)


I think (and I know this is bizarre) that he asks her if she uses cannabis because then he says something about not being allowed to mention drugs on TV and "just say no"
but I'm not sure.

Living in the UK, I don't know him or this show, but he certainly seems like a creepy guy. All those questions.

We have a show here in the UK called 'This Morning' which is on every weekday morning (10.30-12.30) and they handle some adult topics- they've had people who've had sex changes on and discussed the surgery and done medical features, even showing (discreetly) live examinations on volunteer patients but it's always very well done. Most kids never see the show as they're at school anyway and they never ask child guests inappropriate questions.

I can't say whether he's commited any crimes, but I wouldn't want to bump into him alone on a dark night...


Posted on Jul 15, 2008, 7:39 AM
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