More Kudos and a note to all former Annie orphans

by annielauri (no login)

I just brought the dvd home for my whole family to watch. We all watched both the film and the extras. We all enjoyed it so much! Thanks, Julie, for two nights of family entertainment and bonding! Of course I'd seen it several times already, but enjoyed sharing it with my mom, dad, and brothers. Funny, we waited until the kids were asleep to watch it and midway through my 3yo dd came down the stairs after waking up to Annie music and desperately wanted to join the party. She loves ANNIE, but will have to wait awhile to see LAT. I'm for sure saving it for her (o:

I'm posting this b/c I think it's neat for others to know how people (Julie and all of the participants in this case) touch others with their work. Your audiences are vast and you each find special places in our hearts that last a lifetime. If you only knew how many times we've played your cd's and watched your movies and clips. There is no escaping ANNIE for even a day in my home. DD has the cds going around the clock and the movie is a family favorite. My kids ask to watch all the different Annie clips on youtube too!

Thank you to everyone who took part in LAT. It was so neat getting a glimpse of your experience in being a part of ANNIE. Though many of the women are no longer in show business or feel like their careers went downhill after ANNIE, your time and talent during that time are still touching lives today. My kids ADORE you! Really. You're entertaining, inspiring, and a great escape from the daily grind. You should all feel so great everyday by the sheer fact you're making somebody out there happy (o: I am so grateful you all shared your talents with us and that Julie decided to make LAT. I am also very thankful for our resident expert, Jon Merrill, for always sharing his Annie trivia with us and for allowing Julie to film his Annie collection.

Ok...that is all. I just wanted to say thank you to all the Annie orphans (and Miss Hannigans, Roosters, Lilly's, etc.) and to let you know we haven't forgotten you (even if you're no longer in the biz). And of course, thank you again to Julie. LAT earned every reward it received and then some!

Posted on Jul 28, 2008, 10:54 PM
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