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by Julie Stevens (no login)


On the final episode of "Living Lohan" on E!, Ali Lohan is given an audition for a feature film, "Troll." She is sent the full script to read and whines and complains about preparing the scene she will need to read at the audition. She is seen on camera trying to get out of auditioning by claiming (to her family) that she doesn't feel well. Mom, Dina, and Nanna drive her to the audition where she meets with the casting director, the Director of the film, and one of the Producers. Before she starts, the director asks her if she has any questions about the character and this is her response:

Ali: "What's really like the main plot?"
Director: Is it complicated?
Ali: "I mean, a little, from my perspective because I don't really know it..."

What???? Most actresses would kill for an opportunity to audition for a feature film and this young girl goes into her audition unprepared. It's so insulting. Dina, her mother, says later in the episode that any good director should be able to see talent whether the actress knows her lines, or not. What???? What kind of stupid comment is that? There are so many talented actors in Hollywood who train, take classes, know how to read and understand scripts, and go into auditions thoroughly prepared. This reality show is just setting another bad example for young, aspiring actors who think that they don't have to put in the time and work it takes to compete in this business. Most people don't have a famous sibling or their own reality show which might impress a director looking for a "name" celebrity to cast in his film to help it get distribution. Every time Dina Lohan says that Ali is becoming successful because she is talented and works hard, I just want to gag. Please, spend a day with me or any of my talented friends and we'll show you hard work, training, and loads of talent!



Posted on Jul 29, 2008, 8:03 PM
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