the "Lohan" train wreck...

by Colleen (no login)


Lindsay had such a promising my opinion....she was Shirley Temple....absolutely adorable.

She was a teenager (unless this was staging) for a while, and then she became "Li-Lo"...

Whatever her mother was/is smoking, WOW.... can we get some???

I cannot imagine, in my wildest dreams, not going full out CRAZY to "reel" my kids in from where those kids are now.

What is wrong with this woman?

I guess she "perpetuated" (is that the word?) these situations.

I am just so sad because these are beautiful children who are being exploited by "Dina" Lohan, who is their MOM, and she should be a damn MOM! I heard that she was ejected from a party the other night for being too...umm..drunk. This was a party that her 14 year old daughter was being photographed at. For a film that she might be cast in? I could have the details wrong....but...

Thank you Mom...not.

Julie....if I've gotten too "into detail"...I am not offended if you delete this.

My heart is breaking for these kids.

Posted on Jul 30, 2008, 5:36 PM
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