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Awwww....the poor little baby! Those early days can be so hard but they pass by so quickly! Well it sounds to me like he's not constipated and the poo he has is very normal for a breastfed baby. Does he spit up much? How many times a day is he having a bowel movement? Some things to do are to hold him in your arm on his tummy...sometimes the pressure makes it feel better.....and to lay him on his back and bicycle his legs to help get the air out. Their digestive systems are still immature and it could just be taking some time for him to get it working properly. Is the powder you are using called Nutramigen? I know you're not in the US so I'm not sure if that is what they have there or not but that is typically what is used here. With one of mine I actually had to stop breastfeeding and use a soy formula because that is the only thing that worked....she had terrible reflux though and a heart defect so we never really knew if she truly was allergic to dairy or not. We also have a product here you can buy called Mylicon gas drops. I don't know if they really helped at all but we were pretty desperate so we tried anything LOL. I wish I could offer you more advice but sometimes they just have to work it out with time. Is it all the time or does he tend to get fussy around the same time each day? Do you notice it immediately after a feeding or later? Is his tummy hard or soft? Does his tummy look swollen at all? I know it's hard to tell because they are so tiny still but look at that as well. Only other thing I could suggest is seeing a gastroenterologist who specializes in intestinal issues. I hope that things get better for your little man. It's just terrible to watch your little one suffer!

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Posted on Aug 22, 2008, 5:42 AM
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