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Hey Krissahm! Thank you so much for answering! =)
He doesn't spit up much. He's done it maybe 3-4 times since he was born. And he's over a month old now. I don't really know what bowel movement is, so I can't answer that... I've tried to add pressure to his belly, doesn't help him much. The bicycling with his legs can help to get out some gas, but not always. And yes, I'm using Nutramigen! His poo is now alot thicker, and he only has one poo diaper every 24 hours. Before he had poo in every diaper I changed.. I also tried some drops that helps colic babies (it's called Minifom here), but it didn't work so well. He's fussy all around the clock unfortunately. He is getting a little better now though, after we started giving him Nutramigen. His tummy looks a little blown up and hard yes... I will go see a specialist if the Nutramigen doesn't help completely. I'll try everything for my little Aaron! Thank you for helping me!

- Katarina - mother of one

Posted on Aug 22, 2008, 9:28 AM
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