from Stefanie Ann Levy to Katarina

by Julie Stevens (no login)



I sent your post to my friend, Stefanie, who I know went through something similar with one of her sons. Here is her reply to you.


I so identify with what you're going through. I went through it with my youngest
son who is now 3 and eats great and poops great, just to let you know! Going
through what you're going through is awful. I remember being out of my mind
because I didn't know what to do for this child. And the Doctors didn't seem
to have many answers either. I would recommend seeing a child
gastroenterologist if you can. Sammy ended up being on a special formula too
(I forget the name but it was very expensive) and there were many nights
when I gave him a baby enema to help him poop. He used to writhe in pain.
What helped him a lot was being treated for acid reflux (even though he didn't
spit up a lot-that was a part of what was going on for him because as soon
as he started the medication he got better). Unfortunately it was a good 10
months to a year before it all went away completely-but it did get
remarkably better once he started the acid reflux meds. Hopefully you will
be able to give him your breast milk again. I was not able to-he was
bleeding from mine (in his poop)-and I couldn't cut everything out of my
diet-I had already cut out a lot. But every kid is different. I think he had
a number of allergies and the acid reflux etc...I promise you that it will
get better in time. I would ask your Dr. about acid reflux though and maybe
see a child gastroenterologist. I'm sorry for what you're going through. It
will get better!!! My boy is now 3 and wild and healthy and athletic and
smart and loves to eat and toilet trained too! Many blessings to you.

Best, Stefanie Ann Levy (2nd National Tour)

Posted on Aug 22, 2008, 10:54 AM
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