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Hmmmm.....I would suggest you take him in and see a gastroenterologist. Sounds like he might have silent reflux. There are medications you can try but they are prescription. Most pediatricians here will prescribe Zantac first. Honestly, it didn't help my daughter at all. We ended up on Prilosec and Prevasid (not at the same time) and Reglan along with one of those. The Prilosec and Prevasid are acid blockers. The Reglan is to help empty the stomach quicker and more efficiently. These are typically prescribed by the Gastro as the Pediatricians here are not comfortable prescribing anything beyond Zantac. The best way to see if he has reflux is to do a Barium Swallow test. I'm not sure what it's called over there though. It's really not too terrible and that gives them a picture to see if he is refluxing or not. It's important to check it out because it sounds like he is pretty fussy a lot of the time and the main thing you want to do is get him on the acid blockers. He will be much more comfortable and won't be in pain all the time AND the acid can do a lot of damage to his esophagus which you definitely don't want to deal with! I'm sorry if I sound preachy but it's my nursing background coming thru LOL. My daughter is almost 8 now and she outgrew her reflux around 18 months and was able to handle dairy and is still fine with it. She has had some other health challenges but they are unrelated to her reflux. 10 weeks ago she had a tumor removed that was wrapped around her heart. Thank goodness it was benign and she is doing really well now. I hope that I have given you some ideas and I hope you can help your little guy feel better soon. I know I don't post much here but I had to chime in here because I do have experience with this. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


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