IMDb discrepancies

by Jon Merrill (no login)


I don't know if this applies in the Allison Smith situation, but the IMDb tends to get confused if two people have the same name or a similar name. I am in the IMDb because I was in Life After Tomorrow, and my name was listed under my full name, Jonathan Merrill. However, there is another individual out there with the same name who is the composer of the soundtrack of the movie East Of Hope Street, and the IMDb just assumed that we were the same person. I hassled with them for six months trying to fix that discrepancy, and I finally was able to do so by having myself listed in the IMDb as Jon Merrill instead of my full name.

It is very hard to get errors in the IMDb corrected, but it can be done if you keep after them.

Posted on Aug 24, 2008, 6:56 PM
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