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First of all - thank you so much, all of you, for answering to my post!! It sure can be scary and frustrating when you can't comfort your baby. You've given me alot of support and comfort, as well as good tips. I will, for sure, take my baby to a specialist if he doesn't improve. I've now given him Nutramigen for 4 days, and I've noticed change. But not only for the better. He has harder poo, so he struggles with getting that out. And he has alot of gas too. I'll be getting some gas drops from my "father-in-law" from Poland soon. I hope they will help. And I'm gonna buy a few new bottles today too - Dr Browns. I've heard they're supposed to be very good. The one good thing about Nutramigen is that it keeps my baby stuck to meals. When he breastfed, he wanted it all the time. So I fed him very often (he didn't drink very much each time though). But now he's supposed to get 5-6 meals every 24 hours, so it's gotta be 3-4 hours between each meal. That makes it easier for us! =) But it's also a struggle to get him to drink up the bottle! He still hasn't done it! He either falls asleep or refuses to suck more. Ah babies babies babies. Being a mother is the hardest job! But also the BEST job! He's 5 weeks old now, and I already see him going off to his first day at school.. Haha. DON'T GROW UP!!! The time goes so fast.. Well, it's feeding time! And pumping time.. It's leaking through my clothes, so I guess it's time LOL

I'll keep you updated!

- Katarina -

Posted on Aug 24, 2008, 11:43 PM
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