My final callbacks for the Annie Movie.

by Suzy (no login)


Hi :0) I turned to Annie all the time as as a kid. I was one of the lucky ones I guess, to have made the finals (and then was cut just when they sent everyone to Los Angeles for the "Annie Academy"). I have to say that I was devastated when the letter came that started out by "Dear Suzy, at long last the decision has been made...while you were NOT chosen..." I think I reread that letter just as often as Annie read her letter left by her parents.

I was going through pictures today, and oddly enough found one from the day of my final callback. My parents had told me I was too fat and unattractive to be in the movie. I saw the picture today, and nearly cried because I was thin, and cute. Wow... I think I vaguely remember that final audition when I secretively (haha) told Garrison True that I was an ugly and fat Annie. Hmmm go figure, I wonder why I lost the part. lol. I was a finalist for the role of Annie up until they sent everyone to Los Angeles.

I have a lot of memories...wonderful ones of being Garrison True's little "Annie", and him doing a lot of acting workshops when he was in town, and he'd chose me to be Annie. At the same time, I hate to admit it, but my heart still breaks for that miserable final callback when I blew it. Garrison had told me when I saw him in my early 20's, that he had fought for me to be in the movie, but they weren't flying anyone else out to California to be orphans.

Wow - so many thoughts come up here. OH... Tricia Trozzi, if you are out there reading this, please let me know where to find you. I have pictures of our cast of Annie Warbucks and want to know if you have a copy of my Annie letter (my storage unit was flooded and a lot of my annie stuff was lost.)

Anyhow... I don't know what else to write. lol.

Posted on Aug 28, 2008, 1:45 PM
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