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by Meghan (no login)


Wait, whats the lesson learned? That a mother shouldn't let their child enter any contests? Because they might lose? And i dont think that IS the point you ever made any attempt to make. All you ever did was complain. No one wants your negativity here.

KD did a great job in her video, but someone else won. Big deal. The boy who won really wasnt bad at all. If you actually get to the part where he is doing the choreography he and his sisters (?) are quite good. Im sure that KD had a fun time making her video and will get over not winning. I honestly think it is incredibly rude of you to berate her mother for supporting her daughter. Really, if you cant say anything nice, please just dont say anything at all. Didn't you ever learn THAT lesson?

Posted on Sep 2, 2008, 10:32 PM
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