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I have been wondering this for awhile. This is not true. See you & I have the same IP and I know that I didn't write "by a Mom". I wrote this and you wrote that. If you or anyone else has AOL, comcast or AT&T as their server it will route their IP address so we look like we all wrote the same post, but it could be a few people who all have AOL or another server that is the same. I bet you have AOL.

Next, waiting is the hardest in this business. It can make you crazy! What is done is done. You can't change it. No one on this board is going to know for a long time. Those that are going to get cast will be asked to keep it quiet until it is official, maybe even have to wait until contracts are signed. Some might even turn it down, it is a really tough tour. Then they will go to the next girl on the list.

We like to read the Annie Audiiton posts as we are huge Annie Fans & since Grace got cast, it is so much fun to hear about the audition. She can't wait to see who goes on tour, plus it is coming to a theater near here& she wants to see the show. She want to David Barton play Daddy Warbucks, she performed with him, but didn't get to see him.

I know they normally call within a couple of days - they could have already called or they may soon be starting, if they said Friday. I would go with that. Keep your fingers crossed -- and keep going on with your life. We will all know soon enough. Congrats to all the girls. You have already had a wonderful time audiitoning for Annie. That is so cool! They are only looking for 7 girls. And height & look are so important. Your talent isn't the reason you are not cast, it is probably going to be your height or hair. It has to work on stage for all 7!

Also, remember this is a tough tour. It is a long tour and you would miss other opportunities if you were gone. I know some of you really want this, but there is a trade off. For those of you that get cast - you will make it work and have a great time, but for those of you that don't go - you will do other things, that is also important! Grace's muscial theater friends that decided to not audition - got plenty of work - her girlfiend as school got the lead in musical, some of her AG friends were even on Oprah. How cool is that? Others sang the National Anthem at the Cub's baseball game. Her best friend is making every traveling sports team around. And she had a friend who was even in a movie & another one on a weekly television series.

Carly & the other young talented performer that are visiting this forum for information. Share your stories of the audition - it is fun to share. We like hearing about your fun-filled Annie Audition Day! But it wouldn't be wise for someone to post until it is official that they were cast, so they probably won't do that here.

We are certainly keeping our fingers and toes crossed! It would be wondeful for an Annie Forum Fan to be cast to keep us posted on the tour.

Posted on Sep 15, 2008, 4:14 PM
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