the corn again

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You're right about the apple bit in the play; I remember reacting badly to the corn bit in the Disney movie, thinking it was mean-spirited of Annie to swipe the corn in a sneaky way. I didn't have that problem with the Orphans' Picnic line, inasmuch as she did ask, and the apple seller admitted that no one was buying them anyway.

In the 1986 National, Annie once said, "Would you like to donate an Orphan to the apples' picnic?"

I really don't remember much about the Disney movie, since I watched it only once or twice, which was painful, but I wanted to take notes for the blog on my Web site as to what I thought was wrong with it:

It certainly wasn't the WORST movie ever made, just disappointing, because after the perfection of the Lindsay Lohan "Parent Trap" remake by Disney the year before (and I'm speaking as one of the greatest Hayley Mills fans ever when I was a teenager), I was expecting something of much higher quality. As I mention in my blog, the Disney people threw that thing together in a hurry just to make a fast buck. Where is Walt now that we really need him?

By the way, absolutely the worst movie ever made in the entire history of cinema was one called "Watership Down" from the late 1970s. And "Ripe" with Broadway's Daisy Eagan ("The Secret Garden") in the '90s wasn't far behind.

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