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I actually did this show two years ago, and it was so much fun! As far as the kids parts go, it is pretty much only Jojo (the main boy). There is also Cindy Lou who, who has lines in the who scenes. If it is a children's theatre production, then any of the parts could easily be played by a child, but as far as the original casting goes, the only children’s parts with solos/lines are Jojo and Cindy Lou. However, this is a HUGE chorus show, so there is a ton for kids to do. They could be the who's/who children, jungle creatures, cadets, circus creatures, etc. I was in the ensemble when I did this show and I was almost always onstage. There are a lot of huge numbers, so even though there aren't many child roles with solos and lines, there is no doubt that children have a LOT of stage time and will have a blast doing this show! Also, I don’t know how old your daughter is, but if she is on the older side, like maybe 12, she could be considered for the bird girls. However, that depends on how old they cast the Horton, Gertrude, mayzie, etc. If they are young adults, most likely the bird girls will be teenagers/young adults. However, if the main characters are more like teenagers, a younger girl could be a bird girl, so you never know. It just depends on the age of the cast or the picture the director has created in his mind of what he wants. There are also a couple solos in the court scene, so they could cast the bailiff and yertle the turtle younger, so that is also a possibility.

And yes, this show is AMAZING! I have, however, seen productions that I didn’t care for too much, but then I’ve seen productions that were AMAZING, so it all really depends how it is directed. But it is a super fun show to watch and be in!

And as far as a more child friendly version goes, I haven’t heard of that. But the show is definitely child friendly. The production I was in had the war scenes, but it was definitely ok for little kids to see. It’s not bad in any way. So either way the show is, war or no war, its fine for little kids (well, maybe kids under…. 5 may be a little scared. Haha but that’s with any show/movie!) But yeah, its child friendly. No worries!! = ]

This show is a ton of fun (if you haven’t already gotten that from my post. Hahahaha) and I wish your daughter the best of luck at her audition! Any part is a good part in this show, I say. Haha

So break a leg and feel free to ask more questions! = ]


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