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Ohhh one more - I forgot to ask... is there any "reason" for the colors that the orphans wore in the original and national tours? Like all molly's wore yellow? or anything like that? When I gave my kids the colors in the show, I just did it based on what I thought reminded me of those characters.

In the pictures on my above post: Dark Purple (July), Light Purple (Kate), Yellow (Tessie), Blue (Pepper), and Molly (Pink) oh and Orange was a made up orphan named Rosie (she was Tessie's understudy)...and jean blue was another made up orphan named Pudge (I got that name from one of the scores or stories of Annie somewhere a long time ago.

--- oh what the heck I'll put the pics here too so people can match up the orphans with the colors if they want to (I know we all like pics). LOL They are just basic snapshots so I could get the dresses. --- My kids were all double cast -- (Too bad I never did get one pic with ALL the kids. There was always someone out sick!)

The Orphans, Annie and Suzanne as Miss Hannigan

Jenna and Rhiannon


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