I'm in Bat Boy right now!

by Meghan (no login)


Its an awesome show, but VERY strange. You will either love it or hate it. Is she doing it with all kids/teens? In case you arent aware there are some inappropriate parts of the show, but sometimes they are cut.

I'm assuming she is auditioning for the role of Shelly, the teenage daughter?
The stuff Shelly sings is not very rock at all, but Shelly goes very high in the song Inside Your Heart. Unless, its the west end version and not the off broadway version, because there different and there is another song instead of inside your heart. I would choose a song that has a lot of personality (borderline character-y), and that shows off some range.
I sang Right in front of Your Eyes from the Wedding Singer. It honestly wasnt a particularly great choice, because they asked for a rock song that wasnt MT, but i just dont have any thing rock in my repetoire. At least wedding singer is a somewhat pop/rock show.

sorry im not more help with song choice, but if you have any questions about the show i'd love to answer them!

im bored, so how bout some pics of me in bat boy!?





Posted on Oct 29, 2008, 5:25 PM
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