Orphan Annie

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Charnin may have given his approval, but creator Harold Gray certainly would not have. Gray was a staunch Republican and Little Orphan Annie as his comic strip was his daily platform for his politicial philosophy for all the decades that the strip ran. I recall reading that he detested FDR and his government programs so much that he killed off Daddy Warbucks in the comic strip when FDR was elected for a third term in the 40's. (Of course, Daddy came back miraculously!) The Annie strips from the 1930's are wonderful reading by the way, especially the ones from the late 20's through the early 30's. I think in the 1970's when the musical first came out, there was quite a bit of write up in the reviews questioning the part of Annie and Warbucks feeding the New Deal to FDR and how Gray would have rolled over in his grave.

By the way, anybody realize that the Tennessee Valley Authority was actually signed in May of 1933, but in the show, Annie gives FDR the idea in spring of 1934. Ah well - who said it was supposed to be historically accurate.

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