Why is it?

by Laura (no login)


Julie, why is it that so many Annies aren't really singers or good at all? Is it that Martin decided to change the role to be more acted than sung or is it just hard to find real singers. I mean you can hear the difference from say Julie as a child to some of these other kids. I saw some videos of "smile" and one of the girls basically spoke her lines. It was aweful. Out of all of the Annies out there there are so few who are true singers. I mean any little kid may sound cute but as far as singing goes a lot of these so called Annies aren't singers and I was just wondering why? Please dont' take offense to this I am looking for a serious discussion as to why this may be. I mentioned no names so please take this post seriously and lets' all be honest and admit that some of these kids can't sing but I'm sure they may be able to act well. But I am only referring to the sing aspect.

Posted on Nov 21, 2008, 8:24 PM
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