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Thanks for replying but your response is exactly what I didn't want. You know there are little girls under all those circumstances still can sing. Somewhere along the line being able to sing well took back seat. I wanted some opinions why. Was it lack of girls who could do it. Let's face there are some Annie's who can sing you can tell under any circumstances. I wanted to know why is that no longer the case. The thing I loved about Annie was unlike other shows with kids in it these kids actually held their own with the adults. Annie set a new standard that just because they were kids didn't mean we had to make excuses for their singing. When most of the broadway Annies sang you were impressed but these days the singing is the calibar of anyone found in a grade school chorus. Let's face anyone who can go through the motions at that age is a remarkable feet for a child. But I"m talking about not average kids that age most kids that age can't remember how to spell much less get up in front of a class. I know it takes a special girl to play the role but I am just talking about singing,.

Posted on Nov 22, 2008, 12:07 AM
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