Joanna on "Idol"

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With regards to why Joanna is called their favorite plant, the majority of "American Idol" enthusiasts are not a fan of singers who have put out albums before. Carly Smithson got a ton of negative press for it last year and I would bet that this will happen for Joanna this season if she makes it to the top 32. People enjoy the rags-to-riches aspect of "Idol," the discovery of someone like a Kelly Clarkson who was working as a waitress in Texas before auditioning. Not only does Joanna have the album from a major record label but one of her songs (from the soundtrack for the movie "Bratz," which was produced by Paula Abdul) is on the new Britney Spears CD and, of course, the "Annie" fiasco. Joanna has had notably more exposure than a lot of other people who will make the top 32 but that is the burden Joanna chose to carry with her when she decided to audition. I am almost positive that the press on this will be not good but with Joanna's experience comes her knowledge of how the press works and how to deal with them and obviously the exposure that "Idol" will give her probably outweighs the negatives.


Posted on Nov 26, 2008, 2:54 PM
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