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I certainly see your point of view on this one, but the fact remains that Joanna won a contest that was promised to be "the new Annie". True, subjecting a child to all the hurt was perhaps a wrong decision on the part of her parents, but the entire "search for the new Annie" that was publicized on The Turning Point, did make her casting a unique situation and it would only seem right after the firing to have it publicized to "finish the story".

I am also a mother of a working child (well, she's 17 now, but was for a long time a working "child"...now just a teenager), and I can honestly say that if anything like that had happened to her I would have kept it quiet, chocked it up to "that's showbiz", given her the pep talk of believing in herself, and gone to the next audition. I think it would have been the best thing to do for my daughter, and, also, imho, to take rejection gracefully would have made her more marketable. I wouldn't have wanted the negative vibes at future audition as the "difficult" child. I'm not saying that happened with Joanna, just that I would be concerned for my daughter.

In any case, though, what happened is Annie history and I'm proud of who Joanna has grown up to be and what she's been able to accomplish, with or without a Broadway contract.

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