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...I meant that a lot of footage was undoubtedly filmed that was not shown in the re-aired, re-edited version, aka Part 2, for various reasons, such as time restraints, as you said, and also yes, to focus on the "winner." Obviously they had Brittny stuff available to put in to Part 2 because otherwise she would seem to appear almost out of nowhere and take off with the lead. A lot of these other girls I never heard of and did not recognize when the group of finalists was shown (like the tall red-haired girl with freckles- I don't know who Kim and Kyla are ! ) I am glad I saw Part 1 because I did like the sections with Sarah Jessica, Alexis etc. I also wish they had shown the "journey" of all the orphans, as well as the other finalists. I am kind of surprised Alicia was one, because she definitely is not Martin's type of Annie, IMO ! A 2-hour special on all the contestants would have been super !It's been a while since I watched the two parts, but it always seems to surface on this board from time to time !

Posted on Dec 19, 2008, 4:26 PM
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