Allison Smith in "Children's Hospital"

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Allison Smith is in the cast of "Children's Hospital," an irreverent web-only comedy series from Rob Corddry (of "The Daily Show"), starring Corddry with Megan Mullally, Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Jason Sudeikis and Ed Helms.

You can watch all 10 episodes - or at least condensed versions of them - at:

Each of the episodes on the site runs about 5 minutes. However, they're also selling episodes on iTunes (99 cents each, or $3.99 for a season pass), and the episodes there run about 10 minutes.

On the web version, Allison only appears once - a one-line cameo at the beginning of episode seven. (Funny line, though!) However, since she's unbilled there - and since she is listed as a character ("Nurse Allison") on the show's IMDB page, I'm guessing her role is bigger in the iTunes version.

And as for the show itself? Well, it's DEFINITELY not for kids - there's a Viewer Discretion warning at the beginning of each episode.

It's a takeoff on medical dramas like GREY'S ANATOMY, ER, PATCH ADAMS, ST. ELSEWHERE etc. It really prides itself on being outrageous (occasionally to the point of tastelessness) and "pushing the boundaries" a la SOUTH PARK. For instance, Megan Mullally's character is a parody of the Laura Innes character from ER, so she hobbles around on crutches, falls down a lot, and says that she has "a touch" of M.S. and "a smidgen" of Parkinson's. There's some ethnic humor too character. So if you're easily offended, stay away!

Personally, I liked what they were going for, but I thought it was REALLY uneven. I thought Corddry was a little too in love with how "edgy" he is. But some of it is quite funny.

Here's a direct link to Allison's episode:

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