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i downloaded the israeli and some songs of the norvegian version a few months ago.

the norvegian one sounds great, Annie has a great voice, and from time to time it almost sounds like kurt weil IMO lol. (for some songs at least)

the israeli version is funny. It sounds very modern, a tiny bit disco, and sounds as if the music was made with computer and not a real orchestra.
Tomorrow is very soft, Annie doesn't have a very strong voice. Hard-knock life is fun though, it's the most disco song, some parts are spoken, and miss hanigan appears in it too (instead of Molly immitating her). She yells at them and sings a bit too. I really like it.
Smile is missing. I Don't Need Anything But You is almost a solo for Warbucks, Annie barely has 1 or two sentences to sing. NYC is missing too.
There is a medley track that is pretty fun, starts with hkl and ends with maybe and tomorrow.
This israeli version sounds cool, but is the most different version i have ever heard, the musical style is completely different, you don't "feel" the 1930's. But i still like it happy.gif

you already know that vid, don't you ? :

I'm obsessed too with hearing Annie in other languages. I'd love to hear it in arabics, i know it has been made in Jordany (or do you say Jordan ?)

Posted on Dec 30, 2008, 4:05 AM
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