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From our perspective, at least, it seems as though the casts were treated, overall, equally. Nicole's name was listed before Caroline's simply because of alphabetical order. There was a red and a white cast and the red cast was, mostly, the kids that were able to workshop the show long before the auditions for the Broadway run, and therefore, many of us believe that this is why they were given the opening night performance. Outside of the fact that the white cast got very little tech rehearsal time (the first time they actually ran through the entire show on stage, with costumes and without stopping, was on their Preview Opening Night, before a paid audience - and they did a fantastic job, by the way!), the producers and directors did a fine job in seeing that the two casts were treated equally. At least, we had no complaints! Why the white cast got the Macy's Parade and the Today Show is beyond me, but there are a number of opinions floating around, I'm sure. I think that whichever cast was going to get the Macy's Parade was also going to get the Today Show, and this had much to do with AFTRA involvement. By booking the kids to do TV appearances on both shows, they were "employed" twice by NBC within a month's time and in order for the kids to get paid for these appearances, they had to join AFTRA, if they hadn't done so, already.


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