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Wow, these are amazing stories. I wasn't born until the 80s, so hearing about actual people who were involved with the original movie and their experiences is kind of surreal.

I think the deal with the hair might have been that the producers weren't sure what Annie's look would be. Suzanne reminded me of the stage/Broadway Annies, and maybe they were considering that look for awhile, but eventually they decided to put a wig on Annie. So then they probably considered a specific bone structure that would look good with the wig (Aileen, Robin, Angela and Lucie all had very similar profiles). This is just my guess.

And Suzanne, it's perfectly natural that you would remember every second of that audition! I have tried out for many community productions of Annie, but the one where I got cast as Annie is the most vivid memory I have. I was 13 years old and one month shy of turning 14 when the show closed. My family wasn't used to the rigorous rehearsal schedule of an actor in a leading role, and I wasn't used to playing a lead, so many of my memories are of challenges, but it really prepared me for my future as a drama teacher and director (of community theater), and now I work as an EMT, and that takes its own amount of "acting." I honestly don't think actors ever waste a minute of their time in show business, even if we don't win every role. I am sure your Annie audition taught you a lot about discipline and hard work that helped you in the future.

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