To Diane and Grace...

by RLS (no login)


I just wanted to reply to your post where you said...

"my favorite orphans were of course, the girls from last year. You guys rocked each and every night! I am so proud of all you. It is tough to live on a bus, go to school and be amazing. So I am happy that there was a posting that this group of orphans blew them away. Keep it up!"

I wanted to say how nice that was to read... Someone else may have read that comment when it was posted and been really upset with the person that said that. In fact, someone did "yell" at them, I think... Though I have no idea if I dreamt that or not, lol. It's hard not to take something like that personal when they are talking (even as indirectly as that previous statement was) about your child...

Anyhow, I think that it took real grace and dignity to respond to the statement like that. It shows a great deal about who you are. Yes, you have a fondness for Grace's cast, and to you, they will always be the best, however, you were open to the opinions of others and accepted that with a lot of grace and were very kind. happy.gif

If only more "stage moms" had attitudes like yours. happy.gif (and I really mean that with nothing but a huge amount of respect...)

Posted on Jan 9, 2009, 4:18 PM
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