My favorite Annie memories

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A few days ago Suzanne asked me to share some of my memories of when I played Annie for a community theater back in 1997. I thought I had better post before I forget (thanks Suzanne!). I hope other people who have been involved with the show will post their experiences now and then (I'm looking forward to reading some of Jessie's stories on this board! hint hint).

I think my favorite moments were 1) finding out a review of opening night said I "sparkled." I thought that was such an unexpected word to describe a child actor. I didn't know how I'd merited it at age 13. And it meant a lot that one of the dancers in the show ran and told me about it as soon as I arrived for my second performance. It didn't make me perform any differently, but I felt more connected to the other cast members, if they cared enough to tell me in person. And 2)there was another crazy moment where the show had just ended and several little children from the audience (I was five feet tall so they all looked little to me) found me in the wings and followed me everywhere, across the stage, through the lobby, back to the dressing rooms, just staring up at me with serious expressions on their faces. If I had been any younger, I might have gloated or told them to get lost, but since I was a stumbling, fumbly, shy teenager I just sort of stared stupidly back down at them.

I came on here a few years ago and talked about these two memories and someone described me as narcissistic. You know what? I have very few good memories of playing Annie. If any of you are interested in hearing "down" sides to that responsbility, I'd be happy to share! These two above moments were like my rainbows on clouds days!

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