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Well, I don't have a story from Annie (yet) but I do have a story from when I was in the Sound of Music. I was Liesl and throughout the run I was in charge of keeping track of our Gretl and making sure she was ready and everything. We were doing a dress rehearsal and I remember asking her if she had to go to the bathroom before we started the second act after our "intermission break" and she said she was fine, so I didn't take her. Then I remmeber right before we were supposed to go on, she told me she had to go. I told her to try to hold it til we had a break in betweeen scenes and she did for a while, but then I remember waiting with her in the wings to go on for a scene, and then I turned around to bring her on stage with me and she wasn't there! haha She had run off to go to the bathroom without telling anyone. We had to play the scene without a Gretl! haha I can't remember exactly what scene it was.. but I'm pretty sure it was when Max was naming us off for the festival in the program and he was supposed to talk to her... and she had a good number of lines there... haha it was some interesting improve. And then she randomly ran on stage.. haha That was an interesting dress rehearsal!

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