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Though this was harsh I believe it to be honest. My sister in law was at that production and she agreed with all of the criticism except the part about Annie being fat and the sets. She thought the sets were lacking. Though it takes tremendous ability to get up there as a little girl to play any of the roles let's face it not all of the girls are equally talented. Not all Annies are talented. It's a business and time and funds permitting the produces pick anyone who can fit the cog. My sister in law told me her feelings a few days ago and I wasn't going to post anything not wanting to be a downer. But after this review I had to say something. I believe they should hold productions of Annie for awhile. It's too much they're ruining it's good name. It's becoming a parody of itself. She said she saw better Annies in Annie Jr at the school where she use to teach in. The orphans were very sloppy and amateurish. The fact that they're children shouldn't matter. She also said that during "New Deal" the girls were so distracted that she felt jipped. You overlook such things in an amateur production but not when you're paying big bucks. Kids are capable of much more than this production offers.

Posted on Jan 13, 2009, 1:41 PM
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