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by Meghan (no login)

While I do agree with you that not all Annies are created equal, and madison was not the number one best ever, I honestly did not beleive she was as bad as they are making her out to beleive. Vocally, I thought she was much better than Amanda. Actingwise, yes she has some room to grow, but i'm sure as she gets more comfertable in the role and with daddy warbucks etc that will improve. Of course you are entitled to you opinion, but i'm just feeling like some of the critisism she is getting is unwarranted. No she is not perfect or the best annie ever, but i wouldnt compare her to wouldnt compare it to a school play. I also disagree with you about the orphans. While everyone of them didnt stand out as some previous groups of orphans have, they were still great and not amateurish.

As far as putting professional productions on hold for a while.....
Honestly, this tour has gone on for far too long. It astounds me that people are still willing to pay so much money to see a show that they could see just as good a production of at their local comunnity theater. Also, with this tour continuing, it restricts the rights for schools and local theaters from doing the show. The childrens theater at wich i have grown up performing has been trying to include it in its season for the past four years and keep getting denied because the tour is still out. Back when they tried to do it the first time i was still young enough to play annie, but not any more. : (
enough already.

To the person who is forseeing amanda becoming full time Annie again....
I'm seeing that too. it wouldnt surprise me at all.

Anyways, I just wanted to let people know that I HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN Madison perform and she really is not terrible like she is being made out to be.

Laura: I just wanted to say that I completely respect your opinion and i really hope you dont take anything in this post as directly targeted at you, because i only mean for it to further the discussion, not to insult you in anyway. (particularly the part about me having actually seen the show, i dont mean that as "you havent even seen the show so dont be talking". I just dont want people to driven away from seeing the show.

Posted on Jan 13, 2009, 2:54 PM
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