Thick Skin

by CindyS (no login)


I totally agree with your post, Julie. Thank you for it. Theater is so very hard on the soul and the psych when things aren't all rosy and wonderful. And, not only with professional companies. With anything related to theater.

My daughter will be auditioning for college musical theater programs in the next few weeks and was told by her mentor and theater department chair in her performing arts high school that "you won't make it because you're not pretty enough". And, just two weeks before her first audition!!!! I was angry beyond angry at that comment but my daughter's reaction was one of "I'll show her.....if not right now, then in the future because I'm gonna someday make my living on a stage!". That's a thick skin for you.

As far as Madison vs. Amanda.......none of us on this forum really know what happened with Networks changing their casting,so I wish everybody would stop speculating and just let it go. There have been Annies and Annies and Annies....and in many, many countries. Let this little Madison have her time in the spotlight, for whatever reason she was cast. She's making memories of a lifetime and we, on this forum in particular, should give her our utmost love and support.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Posted on Jan 13, 2009, 4:03 PM
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