David Chernault's "Easy Vocal Warm Ups"

by Kim Ryan (no login)


I just had to comment on David's warm-up CD that he has produced. Pardon me for starting a new, positive thread here (David mentioned the CD below), but I feel it's quite worthy of its own section, here!

Molly and Lindsay have had the CD for a month. We easily downloaded it off of David's site. I just have to say - we've used a number of warm up CD's over the years, including Billy Purnell's and Roger Love's and ones their vocal coach's have made for them. And, while they're all very good, David's CD is even better, and for a number of reasons. The girls are eager to use David's CD over the others because the pace is far better, they say it's more fun yet still challenging, and it uses some of the techniques taught to them by the amazing Kelly Lambert (Assistant Musical Director) while on tour.

If any of you sing, or want to make an easy and small investment in something that will likely bring you or your child great vocal gains, buying this CD is a no-brainer. It's only $14.99!! The price AND the quality simply can't be beat. The price of our "affordable" voice coach is $100/hour. Many coaches here in LA are $150-250/hour. Imagine what you can get in this CD for a fraction of the cost of a private lesson. I'm not saying that this can replace what private lessons can do, but this will augment any person's pursuit of a greater voice for a relatively tiny cost, just like it has for Molly, Lindsay and Kaleigh.

The CD can be purchased at www.easyvocalwarmups.com , I believe! It's super easy to buy and download!!

Take care,
Kim Ryan

Posted on Jan 14, 2009, 8:33 AM
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