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Okay, here's the thing. This thread has gone a bit out of control. I agree with much of what the other poster wrote and correct me if I read the wrong post, but it wasn't said that only bad reviews are right. If you read it, it simply said some people will like shows and some people won't. That is the truth. The fact is there really is no right or wrong and everybody is entitled to their opinion whether anybody else likes it or not. You must be connected with the current tour or reviews and people's comments in general wouldn't be a sensitive issue. And that's fine. BUt as far as knowing what they're talking about, well I can say that if you add up all the people on this forum, Annie has probably been seen/performed in/directed, etc. hundreds of times if not more. It will almost always get a standing ovation, it's Annie. That still doesn't mean everybody loved it or it was the best show they ever saw. So what. If they love touring, then it shouldn't change the experience for your kids whether critics love the show or hate it.

Posted on Jan 14, 2009, 3:27 PM
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