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  • Today's matinee in San Diego
    • Meghan (no login)
      Posted Jan 11, 2009 9:10 PM

      Hi Everyone!

      Today Me and Jessie, who is also a regular poster here, took my little sister to see the tour in San Diego. Having just read the review from friday night in San Diego, we were a little worried, and we were expecting it to be possibly not so good. Boy were we wrong! the show was FANTASTIC! And really, I am not just saying that, because I can be very harsh and I was honestly looking for things that werent good about it, but both of us still thought the show was really great.

      Madison was playing Annie, and Amanda's first show wasn't until tonight, so the adult swing was on as Kate. (i'll talk about that later). Madison was great as Annie. Vocally, she is very very talented. At first we were a little unsure because her "Maybe" was kinda mellow and not very powerful, but later we decided that she must have been instructed to sing it more sweetly and softer because as the show went on it became clear that she has a very strong voice with a great belt. Her acting was also great. Her locket scene could have been better but I would imagine that as she plays the part more and more she will get better at this particular scene, wich is a pretty difficult one to pull off beleivably. All in all though, Madison was a spectacular Annie and we were very happy to have gotten to see her.

      The orphans were also great. Especially standing out among them, i would say, were Ivy Moody as Pepper, and Sydney Richardson as Duffy. Sydney is a very talented little girl and so adorable. She caught my eye in Never Fully Dressed even before her tap solo because I noticed her feet doing most of the steps as tap steps rather than just regular dance moves, wich i thought was pretty impressive. And then she did molly's tap solo and she was awesome. We were close enough to the stage (after having snuck down from the balcony after intermission...hehe)that I could hear the sound of her tapping and she was one excellent little tapper. she wasnt just sort of shuffling around like some of the past mollys have done. I dont know what it is about Ivy that makes her stand out but she really did stand out to me as being especially talented. on another note, why the heck to they make poor july sing her solo in Smile so ridiculously?! its not all that funny and the poor girl doesnt get to show off her undoubtedly great voice. I really wish that they'd change that.

      Ok, so to talk about the height thing that some people commented on. To be perfectly honest, on stage Ivy and Dominique did seem kinda tall, however they still seemed young and did not at all make me feel that they were too old for their parts. You will see in the pictures below that they are around 2 ish inches shorter than I am and I am 5'0. The adult orphan swing, on the other hand, was at least 4 or 5 inches taller than all the orphans and, to be honest, does not pass as a child in any way. While i didnt see Sunny last year, she was under 5 feet tall, and to me seemed like she had a pretty young looking face. Sari, the swing this year, is not short, and her face is not really childish at all. It is of no insult to her talent (she sang the opening solo of smile and sounded good, but not like a kid), but she just doesnt look like a kid, and yes, it bothered me.

      David Barton was a phenomenal warbucks, i thought. There is nothing i would change about his portrayal, he was flawless to me. very talented. I also loved Analisa Leaming as Grace. She has a beautiful voice and performed fantastically. Lynn Andrews makes a great Hannigan. She was Hilarious, and very talented, and her Little Girls was awesome. The other performers and the ensemble were fine. Mikey was adorable as Sandy too. I mean, overall, the show really was great. I dont know what warranted that bad review.

      All the girls were so sweet afterward at the stagedoor. Amanda was there too so it was fun to see her. I was a little sad when she emailed me yesterday to say she wouldnt be going on until the night show, but it was fun to see her anyways. What a nice girl. She got so tall! she was just about the same height as domenique who is the tallest of the orphans. last time i saw her when she had just moved from molly to duffy she was so little, and now she is almost as tall as me. All the little kids were going up to her for autographs, they all thought she had been in the show. At one point a little girl walked up to madison and said "you're annie!....but ur real name is Tianna!" and Madison said very sweetly, "no, I'm madison!" and just kept on signing. She handled it very well and it was funny. The programs all said Tianna was plating annie and they didnt even make an announcement before the show or include an insert in the program, wich i thought was pretty unfair for madison.

      Anways, The show was really really great, and here's some pics from the stagedoor:

      ***ok, nevermind. I lied. for some reason my memory card reader isnt working. I'll hafta post the pics later. sorry, pics coming soon!

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