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    • Jessie (no login)
      Posted Jan 11, 2009 9:48 PM

      Well said, Meghan. haha

      So I would write my own review of it... but it would be pretty much the same as Meghans, considering we were thinking the same things throughout the show and talked about them after. haha

      But I would just like to say what an awesome Annie Madison was. Her voice kind of reminded me of Alicia Mortons voice, from the Disney movie. Anyway, very very talented little girl. And I just couldn't get over how cute and little Mackenzie was! I saw the first year of the tour in LA with the original cast, and I remember how tiny I thought Lindsay Ryan was, but oh my gosh! Mackenzie was even smaller! She was absolutely adorable as Molly! I wish she had gotten to do her little tap solo, but Sydney as Duffy was just as cute. Like Meghan, I noticed that she was actually doing the tap steps, not just shuffling her feet. I remember being really impressed that Lindsay Ryan really tapped as Molly when I saw it last, too. Ive seen videos on you tube and the last couple Mollys seemed to just shuffle their feet theyre still cute, but its just so much more amazing when they actually tap! Anyway, Sydney was great as Duffy. And she was surprisingly very small, almost as small as Mackenzie, so that added to the cute factor a lot. But then there was a very large gap between the heights of the orphans. Mackenzie and Sydney were both really tiny, and then the rest of the girls were a lot taller... there didnt really seam to be any girl in the middle of them. But it worked somehow, because I really didnt care while I was watching. I just noticed the height difference. They were all cute. But like Meghan said, the swing as Kate, as talented as she was, just seemed too old. And it was noticeable that she was an adult. Not just because we knew going into it. Meghans little sister even knew she seemed different and older before we told her Kate was an adult.

      But overall, the show was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised after the review posted on here. I think that was too harsh... The show was awesome! The adults were fantastic as well. And like Meghan said, the kids were so cute and friendly at the stage door. It was fun watching Meghan's little sister and all the kids getting their autographs and talking to them.

      Oh, and as far as announcing that Madison was Annie, I did see someone in front of us with an insert in their program. We just didn't have it in ours. However, they probably should have made an announcement also, for people like us who didnt get the insert in our programs. Of course, we knew going into the show that it was Madison, but a lot of people thought she was Tianna, such as the little girl at the stage door. (That was so funny! she was adorable)

      Anyway, I guess I did end up writing a little review. hahaha Anyone who is hesitant to see the show, for whatever reasons, should definitely go see it! To be completely honest, I really couldnt tell any differences between this one and the equity tour. The only thing I can think of is they had a huge, pretty, real looking Christmas tree at the end, and today it was like flat and against the stairs, as opposed to a real tree... if that makes sense. It just looked really fake. But other than that, I really couldnt tell the difference. It's definitely worth going to!
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