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This forum is dedicated to Shay/Camelot owners and enthusiasts as a means of sharing information and providing owner support. Shay/Camelot automobiles are unique factory-built reproductions of 1928-29 Ford Model A Roadsters, Pickups and 1955 Ford Thunderbirds.
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Forum.Gary Wood-Jun 17, 2015, 2:12 PM
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* *2015 National Shay Owners Club Meet- Kalamazoo, Michigan- June 8-13! event touring includes Gilmore Car Museum, Kalamazoo AirZoo, and the village of PawPaw, among other activities. Hosted by Lee & Dave Rumohr and Norma & Bob Israels. More details to follow and check the Club information pages at Shayhistory.com for details and hotel info! Lots of fun in Kalamazoo! * *
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