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Are We Naked?

October 17 2016 at 10:33 AM
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Boyd Allen  (Login boydallen)

Are we naked? Are you really naked? Who really is naked here?
If I were to put on a coat, I could say I put one on because I was cold. Makes sense. However, If I put on a coat, someone may ask "Are you cold?" I would have to honestly say "No". Why? Because I have a coat on. They would ask, "Why do you have a coat on?" and I would answer, "because I am cold". The REASON I put a coat on is because I am cold otherwise, but not cold now since I have a coat on. On the surface, that makes sense.
The truth is, the reason you are wearing clothes is because you would be or are naked. You are announcing to the world that you are naked and are ashamed and live in fear. You try to be fashionable about it, but that is fleeting and illusive, changing like the wind. Fear and shame is constant, unless you change that.
I often say "I am not naked, I'm in the image and likeness of God", speaking of the truth in Genesis where God said "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness". So God did just that.
When I am in my natural state, I am do not feel naked at all. When friends are over, and I am "nude", I do not feel naked. I just don't feel it as some do who are new with naturism. I am what the world would call, "Nude", but in my subjective reality, I am not naked, therefore I have no need of clothing (unless it's too cold). In God's objective reality, I am not naked because I am simply in God's image and likeness, as He said I was. I do not admit my state of being naked, therefore I do not see any reason to wear clothing. So the real ones who are naked are those who insist on wearing clothing at all times out of fear and shame by believing falsely that they are naked..
Again, I repeat:
"I am not naked, I'm in the image and likeness of God"
Are you?

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Greg C
(Login gregpc)

Re: Are We Naked?

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February 24 2017, 8:01 AM 

That reminded me of this recent post I found...



There is nothing wrong with being clothed. There is also nothing wrong with being unclothed. When a person is cold, needs protection for a task at hand, or is walking on rocky ground, clothing could be helpful or even necessary.

But how often do people put on clothes out of habit, security, or to comply with puritanical societal conventions? For instance, I ask folks who aren’t nudists if they wear clothes when it’s summer and they’re home by themselves. Usually they answer, “yes,” and I ask them why? It can’t be modesty - they’re alone. It can’t be warmth - it’s summer. I believe it’s usually one of three things: 1) It’s just a habit 2) Their clothes are a security blanket or 3) They are uncomfortable with their own body.

In each of these cases I suggest they 1. break the habit - it saves laundry if nothing else! 2. enjoy the freedom of nudity instead of clinging to something that provides artificial security, or 3. learn to love their body just as it is. They do after all take showers nude, so what’s the difference if they’re on the couch nude? (And yet most say they’re fine showering nude, but being nude on the couch? It strangely blows their mind.)

I believe that the real challenge for most folks isn’t that it’s any one of these things - it’s that it’s ALL of these things. Most people are working against years of being programmed that their bodies suck, the habit of being continually clothed, and the discomfort of being in their own skin. The good news is that people can and do overcome these obstacles all the time, but friendly encouragement and support can make a big difference.

I’m happily “out” as a nudist. One of the best things about it is that when people are done with their questions about why I’m a nudist, I get to ask them why they’re not! I don’t convince most of them to try nudism, but I do get them thinking about their habit of being constantly clothed and I think that’s a good start.

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Boyd Allen
(Login boydallen)

Re: Are We Naked?

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February 25 2017, 9:20 AM 

Questioning others why they are not nudists are just as qualified a question as why you are a nudist. It's a fair two way conversation we all need to have.

Many will just say, "Well, it's just not for me". Simple, none committal answer, easy to throw out without really thinking. One lady said that her nudity is for her husband alone, like as if it was sexually oriented only. I would like to see more conversations about this outside of forums and in the real world. There are open conversations about homosexuality, which is a sexual thing, but not about nudity, which, for the most part, is not about sex. Yet people avoid it fearing the sex talk, though they have no problem with homosexuality.

Confusion. Lot's of it out here!

I have noticed that during a heat wave when people are getting sick, if not dying, yet they best they can do is to wear "lighter" clothing, none will risk going nude, even at the threat of death!

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