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Okay MANITOU residents...SATAN?

August 25 2006 at 11:19 AM
Jermaine  (Login JermaineArt)
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Just cause I thought some of you would find this interesting...

I was checking around a 'Colorado' forum about day-to-day Manitou info (Im basically a funnel for any ifo. right now, as hopefully Ill be a resident soon). I've always been sort of an armchair-quaterback when it comes to Manitou...for almost 15 years or so: I didn't live there but visited many times and read a lot. Sort of an ambassador of sorts for Manitou...
So, I posted a post just to get people's thoughts about day to day family living, finance stuff, etc. Same kind of stuff Ive asked about here...and I got several useful responses.

I also got this one below: read it & tell me what you think. Their handle was 'Glory':

Hi ,

I wanted to let you know what I know about Manitou Springs. I live in Colorado Springs and in regards to your question about the racial climate, there is nothing that stands out in a negative way and in all fairness I will add that I am white as well as my spouse. What I wanted to let you know about is a much different topic. The spiritual climate of Manitou Springs is something to maybe be taken into consideration. I do not know your spiritual journey but it could prove to be very important especially since you are concerned about the raising of your daughter. What you will not find in all the history about Manitou is that at some point the town was dedicated to satan and has been known as the wicca capital of the nation. When you go through town you can find psychics, palm readers, dream interpreters, tarot card readers, shamans, and even a cult community and did I mention plenty of witchcraft related items to purchase. This is only scratching the surface of what hides behind the doors of the "quaint" shops in the downtown area. I understand your concern regarding the racial climate of a place but unless this is the road you travel, there may be a little more to consider for your move regarding the welfare of your daughter.
Wherever you end up, I hope your move will go smoothly for you and your family.

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Texas Don
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Reading too much into nothing

August 25 2006, 5:11 PM 

I live in Houston and I'm not going anywhere any time soon, but I've been visiting Manitou off and on since 1958. In the '60s and '70's places like Santa Fe, NM and Manitou attracted a lot of directionless people. Some were consciously rejecting the values of their elders, while others were just a bunch of burned-out hippies who got there and then couldn't afford to leave. Their remnants are still there. Many of them got into the art scene because it provided a cheap way to be an entrepreneur. Some of them are very good at it. Pardon me if I over-generalize, but the drug/art culture tends to reject conventional religion and spirituality, and sometimes delves into the Satanic, fortune telling, etc., just to satisfy their spiritual cravings. You probably have more to fear from the hordes of tourists than from the locals in Manitou. It's a beautiful, interesting place. These are only my observations and opinions. That doesn't make them facts.

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(Login JermaineArt)
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Re: Reading too much into nothing

August 25 2006, 7:59 PM 

Yep...always struck me as a wonderful community.
In my line of work I come into contact with various 'directionless' folks...many of the everyday folks living 9-to-5's might call them 'strange'. My particular beliefs and spirituality has allowed me to become tagged several times as weirdo.
The salt of the earth, baby...cause they have the courage and the humility to admit that they haven't gotten it all figured out.

I just found it weird. Ive heard these roving rumors about Manitou being a secret haven of monstrous evil....but it always comes from very fundamentalist types in Colorado Springs. Make no mistake, I aint into worshipping the rebel angel, either...but I wonder if these are generalizations and urban legends that have evolved over the years into baseless paranoia.

Cause in the time Ive spent there, I dont see it.

BTW, Don...looks like we might finally have a lil' hurricane hurtling in our general direction.
Thats another reason I cant wait to move. Tired of dancing with the Tropics...


'Ruining Your Favorite Band's Image...Since 1995'

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